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Un espacio de intercambio de experiencias de los ombudsperson locales

Who are we?

We are a Global Alliance of Local Ombudsman created in May 2019, whose aim is to work locally with a human rights approach,  a gender perspective, and focusing on social and environmental aspects. Our main purpose is to strengthen interinstitutional agreements and the international cooperation between institutions and other partners.

Aim and Objectives

GALO has as its main goal to strengthen the agreements and cooperation between the local Ombudsmen in order to generate overall impacts in favour of the guarantees and promotion of people’s rights in cities.  Therefore, GALO aims to contribute to the consolidation of the Rule of Law, democracy and social justice around the world.

Our purpose

Provide local Ombudsmen, who work for human rights protection and control of governments, with a space for the exchange of experiences;  enable the international cooperation; make the local Ombudsman’s institutions and their work visible;  provide local Ombudsman’s institutions with access to training  programmes in human rights; ensure the protection of  human rights defenders when their life or personal safety are at risk; make local human rights violations visible worldwide; promote the creation of local Ombudsmen where inexistent; and  develop further actions in order to protect human rights. 

How do we do it?

  • We open a space for the exchange of experiences between local Ombudsmen.
  • We create closer cooperation ties between local Ombudsmen, especially through the development of international projects which promote human rights at a local level.  
  • We provide local Ombudsman’s institutions with access to training  programmes in human rights, as well as  organize and develop academic and educational activities in this field. 
  • We provide easy access to a specialized statistics software, from which to obtain an accurate analysis of rights violations. This will serve as an efficient support to outline recommendations to State Institutions.
  • We contribute to an effective protection of human rights defenders against the attacks to their independence and courses of action, especially when their life or personal safety are at risk.
  • We promote the creation of new local Ombudsmen.
  • We support the consolidation of the local Ombudsman through consultancies and institutional quality assessment, and establish strengthening and upgrading working collaborative programmes.+
  • We foster, broaden and reinforce a culture of human rights.
  • We build and maintain collaborative relationships with institutions and international, intergovernmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations which uphold respect, defence and promotion of human rights. 
  • We promote research about aspects of their competence, in order to support the strengthening of the  Rule of Law, the democratic state and the peaceful co-existence of peoples.

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