Who we are?

We are a Local Ombudsman Global Alliance created in May 2019 whose purpose is to work locally using a Human Rights approach with gender perspective and addressing especially socio-environmental challenges,  being our primary goal to reinforce interinstitutional bonds and international cooperation between institutions and other members.


and goals

AGOL aims to reinforce bonds and cooperation between Local Ombudsmen in order to generate global effects in the reassurance and promotion of people’s rights in the cities contributing hence to consolidate Rule of Law, Democracy and Social Justice all over the world.


Promoting a space where local ombudsmen working on the Human Rights defense and government control could exchange experiences; making international cooperation possible between its members; bringing to light local ombudsman institutions and its work; promoting access to human rights training for local ombudsman institutions; developing actual protection of Human Rights defenders in case their lifes or personal integrity were in danger; exposing local Human Rights violations to the international sphere; encouraging the creation of local ombudsman wherever they do not exist; and taking any other actions needed for Human Rights protection.

How we
do it?

  • Promoting spaces where local ombudsmen could exchange experiences.
  • Tightening cooperation bonds between local ombudsmen, especially through the development of international projects which promote Human Rights, in its broader sense, locally.  
  • Promoting access to Human Rights training to local ombudsman staff, as well as organizing and making academic and educational activities on those subjects. 
  • Ensuring access to specialized statistical software used to make reports which allow an efficient analysis of Human Rights violations and as an effective medium for issuing guidelines to Public State Institutions.
  • Contributing to the actual protection of Human Rights defenders in case their independence and actions were threatened, and especially whenever their lifes or personal integrity were in danger. 
  • Supporting local ombudsman consolidation through counseling and institutional quality assessment, and designing joint work programs heading strengthening and modernization.  
  • Promoting, extending and strengthening Human Rights culture. 
  • Establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with international institutions and organizations which defend the observation, upholding and promotion of Human Rights.    
  • Encouraging surveys and investigations on these subjects, pointing to support Rule of Law strengthening, Democracy and peaceful coexistence of the people.

Board of Management

Ismael Rins

Eva Abellán
Vice President

Daniel Arenas Gamboa
Vice president

Federico Núñez Burgos Dopazo
Vice President

Nashieli Ramírez
Vice President

Guillermo Escobar